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Jobsgers CV:

Senior Project- and Program Manager

Curriculum Vitae Camilla Frederikke Clauson-Kaas

Personal Information

Name: Camilla Frederikke Clauson-Kaas
Contact: Henrik Thomsens Vej 3, 3460 Birkerød,
Mobile: +45 25214808

Education: MBA Innovation & Leadership (2009)
Cand.Mag Fine Arts and Economics (1997)


My focus is to stay an inspirational leader in the area of digital transformation, innovation, design thinking and new technologies to make a difference for customers/citizens.

I have 19 years+ experiences in leading digitization, change and IT programs/projects with a strong strategic and commercial focus. My specialty is to shape a project/feature portfolio to achieve the overall strategy of the company.

I build bridges between business and IT development both internally in corporate organisations and as external consultant as I’m a strong relationship builder and naturally curious in other peoples stories. I work with stakeholders on all organizational levels.

As a leader my focus is to create the environment that ensues optimal conditions for the team/employee to perform. I ensure consistency between competencies and tasks. In addition I take pride in spotting talent and being an excellent coach.

My MBA in Innovation & Leadership enables me to understand how to transform customer pains into new business solutions and build up innovation capability in corporate organisations.

I am certified Product Owner from and I was responsible for one of three pilot projects in ATP’s agile transformation journey.

Keywords for me are personal integrity, pragmatism, and acknowledge differences with respect and empathy, I work with situational leadership, and is able to take decisions and cut through when necessary. I make sure we have fun and celebrate success while working hard to add value and create visible results.


• 2018-2018 Agile Lead/Project Manager in Future Financing Danske
Bank (3 month engagement)
• 2015-2017 Digital Project Director and Line Manager ATP
• 2014-2015 Lead Program- and Change Advisor, senior management
consultant, KRING A/S
• 2009-2014 Nordic Senior Program-and Line Manager, RSA
Scandinavia (Codan/Trygghansa)
• 2006-2009 Management Consultant, Perikon Consultancy

• 2005-2006 Product-and Development Manager, E-Boks A/S
• 2000-2005 Principal Consultant, Cap Gemini A/S
• 1998-2000 Internet responsible DSB S-tog
• 1997-1998 News Editor-and Reader Danish Business Radio
• 1984-2003 Professional Musician, Artist and Composer

Main Responsibilities and Key Results

2018 - 2018 Agile Lead/Project Manager Future Financing Danske Bank
Corporate Start-Up Moonshot, part of Danske Bank

Main Responsibilities:
Kick start and set-up the new agile project: New digital financing customer solution, co-creation with business customers with co-located employees in Future Financing.
My responsibility is to manage the team, ensure the project has a prioritized and business groomed product backlog for IT to continuous develop in 2 weeks sprints, develop and constantly maintain a rough plan in close collaboration with IT, kick start a set-up for ongoing customer testing in 5 countries every other week testing assumptions, prototypes and usability.

2015 (Dec) - 2017 Digital Project Director in ATP - Arbejdsmarkedets
Tillægs Pension, (Public owned additional pension fund,
around 3000 employees.

Main Responsibilities:
My responsibility is to manage and shape a portfolio of digitization projects for the digital department in an agile set-up using sprint development and interacting with the customers. I am also responsible Line Manager for graduates, where I focus onto motivatee, and coach my employees for her to be able to grow, and take on more and more responsibility. in the right balance for her to shine in her job. As project manager I scope and rescope projects to ensure realistic deliveries in close cooperation with all relevant stakeholders incl. external vendors. Project examples:

• Innovative Digital Services: Responsible agile project manager for new idea generation based on customer challenges using the Google Venture 5 days sprint method.

• Personalized company web services (Mit Virk Erhvervsstyrelsen) project: Responsible agile project manager from start to end. I took over the project from a peer collegue. I analysed the state of the project and found out the need to rReshaped the scope of the project to ensure a realistic delivery. I fFacilitated the team to a good solution we all believed in. I bBuild up trust and strong relations to the governmental institution for companies (Erhvervsstyrelsen) – the deliver and host of the solution on

• Mobile First ATP Pension Project: Responsible agile project manager. Adjusted project with respect to already well functioning structures combined with changes needed to succeed such as strong stakeholder management and creating good relations to the external vendor.
feedback in the end of a weekKey results:
• Projects delivered within time, quality and budget. Satisfied stakeholders
• Innovation digital Services project: 2 Google Venture 5 days sprint: 4 sustainable ideas, 1 to feed a new project, 3 to carry into existing projects
• Mit Virk project: Delivered within time, scope and budget in an agile set-up
• Mobile First project: User satisfaction has risen in a scale from 1-5 from 3 to 4.3
• My graduate project manager is now hired as a regular employee with good results

2014-2015 Lead Program- and Change Advisor, senior management consultant KRING A/S,
Small start-up innovation & disruption senior management consulting company, around 15 employees.

Main Responsibilities:
Manage, develop and deliver innovation consulting such as digital transformation
strategy, digital innovation, how to work as a corporate start-up and responsible to
facilitate customer digital & IT strategies, assignment examples:

• In Cowi I was responsible to challenge and facilitate WS’s with the CIO and his leadership team to develop COWI’s future digital innovation capability incl. identification of project candidates in the Nordic organisation through dialogue with relevant stakeholders in the Nordic countries, as input to the board and the board of director’s strategy seminar.

• In Maersk Drillinbg I was responsible to facilitate WS’s with the CIO and his leadership team in Maersk Drilling IT to provide their future IT and digital strategy hereby design the future capabilities needed to be able to execute on defined strategic focus areas.

• In Scandlines I was responsible to facilitate and design the new IT and digitization strategy in close cooperation with Scandlines management team and peer consulting colleagues.

• I was responsible to facilitate, coach and design innovation processes for the new Innovation manager and his department.

Key Results:
• Cowi: CIO became active part of future business strategy, digital innovation must wins
• MD IT: It & digital strategy with 4 strategic focus areas agreed and future capabilities identified
• Scandlines: CIO and IT department established common IT and Business Board to prioritize future project initiatives.
• Department established, Innovation processes designed, agreed and communicated

2009 – 2014 Senior Project, Program Manager and team lead RSA
Codan/Trygghansa Insurance Company owned by Royal Sun Alliance, London based
Company around 60.000 employees worldwide

Main Responsibilities:
Team lead HR-Service centre, responsible to establish and manage new department
across DK, SE and NO. Negotiate new contracts and set new performance goals linked to the Service Centre’s SLA’s towards the Nordic organisation. Responsible Program- and senior project Manager within the Nordic Project Centre as internal consultant, project examples:

• Program Work stream Lead Business Intelligence program: Responsible to facilitate prestudy of Codan Health Care business data for future new business opportunities and manage an external vendor.

• Program Work Stream Lead Scandinavian Solvency II Programme part of the global Program in RSA Group: Responsible project manager for the change in data and application work stream. Program work stream size: 7 direct reports, 50 mill. DKK

• Program Manager for a new Nordic call centre system with both Nordic teams and India vendor management. Responsible to reorganize the entire program, negotiate new contracts with 3 different vendors. I was focused to create a strong team spirit, and close relation to all relevant stakeholders. Program size: 20 direct reports, around 100 participants, 150 mill DKK

• Organisational development: Responsible to design the future internal consulting unit Strategic Change as a joint effort with the Strategic Change director looking at teams, roles & responsibilities, levels and number of project managers, business analysts, lean consultants and new project prioritization forum.

Key Results:
• Response time on inquiries in the HR Service Centre SLA went from 14 days to 1-3 days in 80% of all cases.
• Business data requirements linked to the agreed business strategy on a 3-5 year horizon for Codan Care, incl. projects defined
• Distributed Nordic team established with governed delivery process, budget and reporting. Work Stream delivered according to plan.
• Program turning from chaotic conditions to program in control, delivering according to defined scope, timeline and budget with an increase in efficiency around 25%.
• New roles and responsibilities defined, new project portfolio governance structure saving around 60% cost for each insourced consultant

2006 - 2009 Principal Consultant Perikon A/S,
Small Danish Senior IT Consultancy Company, around 15 employees

Main Responsibilities:
Danske Bank and Nordea Bank external consultant assignments:

• Responsible Project Manager leading two different international projects with a mix of Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Irish and Indian resources
• Participating in internal improvements of the Danske Bank development and project governance Model.

• Responsible Program Work Stream Lead DK as part of a Nordic Program. I defined and delivered the program scope for DK as joint effort with the Nordea business units. Program Work Stream size: Direct reports around 20 approx. 50 mill DKK

Key Results:
• Danske Bank assignment: Reorganised project delivering according to scope, timeline and budget.
• Sampo Bank data integration implemented, test data controls accepted.
• Delivered requirements specifications on time in agreed quality resulting in 70-80% Nordic aligned requirements
• Nordea assignment: Nordic business alignment of around 80% of all common used software programs which resulted in IT maintenance cost saving around 25%.

2005 - 2006 Product and Development Manager E-Boks A/S,
small Danish digital company hosting all citizens’ digital post, 7 employee at that time

Main Responsibilities:
Team lead accountable for new digital services product development department.
Project ex:
• Conceptual development of a new service product and a complete redesign of E-Boks.
Key Results:
• New service increased revenue with 10-20%.
• E-Boks redesign resulted in a much more intuitive and user-friendly web interface.

2000- 2005 Managing Consultant Cap Gemini A/S,
French IT & Management Consultant Company, around 80.000 employees worldwide

Main Responsibilities:
Management consultant working within project management, bid management and strategic analysis, project examples:

• Responsible bid manager for Copenhagen Municipality new CRM system and, a large consortium of different large vendors such as Microsoft, Muusmann and IBM

• Responsible Project Manager on different projects as external consultant:
• Pilot for outsourcing to India at TDC mobile company
• Nesa and Statens Bilinspektion projects. My responsibility as project manager was to restructure the project, revise contractual conditions, bring project teams together to create good team spirit, establish governed and managed processes and reporting.
• Lundbeck project: My responsibility was to as project manager to develop a new reporting system for all Lundbeck affiliates including a detailed change management plan for each country. I received basic training in FDA compliance as part of the project

• Teacher training on Cap Gemini Summer University in Consultant skills and Project
Management basics

• Digitization analysis assignment for Ministry of Finance - barriers to digital citizen services

Key Results:
• Bid delivered in 3 weeks, which normally takes 2 month
• Cap Gemini won the Copenhagen Municipality project (10 mill. DKK.)
• The TDC case; Restructured project governance hereby establishment of a decision strong steering committee resulted in satisfying delivery, within scope, time and budget.
• The NESA restructured project result in: Revised, agreed scope, delivered on time, and agreed budget on a ‘shared risk shared reward’ contract.
• The Lundbeck project delivered subsidiary system, and a change management execution plan in all subsidiary countries.
• Teaching on Cap Gemini Summer University resulted in increases knowledge of Cap Gemini among final year students with 25%
• Finance Ministry assignment:
• 5 defined digitization & automation levels for citizen services

2009 International MBA in Innovation & Leadership in Complex Systems, CBS & Learning Lab DK

1997 Cand. Mag. in Music and Economics, Copenhagen University & Aarhus University

Professional Product Owner:
• Internal Ugilic seminar with certification exam:, (May 2017)
Pretotype method:
• Google method to market validate ideas fast (Seminar held by Preeto 2014)
Project Management certification:
• Prince2 Foundation (2016)
• Internal international Cap Gemini PM certification, Engagement Manager (2005)
RUP for project managers:
• Rational Unified Process (2001)


Exponential Organizations:
• Singularity University based model on new ways of organizing (Internal seminar 2015)
Lean Start Up:
• Silicon Valley based method (Internal seminar 2015)
Change Management tools:
• ADKAR: Internal introduction seminar to the change management tool ADKAR (2013)
Leadership & Management:
• Unlocking your full potential: Internal RSA leadership programme focusing on 70/30 positive feedback (2010-2011)
• Commercial Project Management Hjort og Reinhardt (2002)
• Internal leadership programme for leaders in Cap Gemini, Scandinavian Training Design (2001)
• Internal sales training performed by a business psychologist (2001)
• Internal edua Nordic
tone.cation professional facilitation skills Cap Gemini France (different seminars and mentor program 2001-2004)
FDA basics:
• Internal Lundbeck FDA seminar (2001)
e-Business and marketing:
• Electronic trade and strategic business development in the internet economy (1999 Foreningen for Dansk Internet Handel)
• One To One Marketing Don Peppers (1999)
Organisational theory:
• Organisational theory Dansk Magisterforening (1998)

Danish – native, English – fluent, French – fluent, German – elementary, Swedish/Norwegian – good

Non Profit
Hareskovens Skiklub 2017 - current:
• Tour guide for club skiing tours in week 7, bus guide to Vallåsen children day

Vallø Castle foundation 2016 - current:
• Program manager and mentor in the Vallø Foundation mentor program
• Responsible to create the Vallø foundation digital profile

Kronborg Castle: Ideate and advisor - 2010
Spending an afternoon on Kronborg with an instant camera to ideate on the future roles and opportunities for Kronborg as a cultural and economic institution. Result, ideas on how Kronborg could further leverage:
• Public, private partnerships, such as renaissance dinner and dance events,
• Exploit the history much more explicit by utilizing digital tools, tell the stories in an interactive manner


I enjoy both good friends and family activities with my children; I’m a very active person, practice
running regularly in a running club, skiing at wintertime and love to do mountain hiking in smaller groups.